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Varieties Released

1 Mango Manjeera
2 Guava Safed jam and Kohir Safeda
3 Elephant foot yam Gajendra
4 Colocasia Satamukhi, Bhavapuri
5 Sweet potato Samrat, Kiran, RNSP-1
6 Brinjal Bhagyamathi, Gulabi, Shymala
7 Okra Janardhan
8 Ash gourd Shakti
9 Snake gourd Swetha
10 Dolichos bean RND-1
11 Cooking melon RNSM-1, RNSM-2, RNSM-3
12 Amarnthus RNA-1
13 Pumpkin APR-1
14 Tomato RNTH-1
15 Turmeric JTS-6

Agro techniques developed

  • Dashehari clone -35 was found promising and superior over Dashehari local and is recommended for Telangana State.
  • In mango, technologies for regulation of flowering and tree vigour, rejuvenation of senile and overcrowded orchards and for off-season fruiting were developed.
  • Top working and grafting with elite lines for rejuvenation of old/senile mango trees was standardized
  • Embedded pot layering technique was standardized for commercial multiplication of guava
  • In acid lime, irrigation at 50 % CPE through drip is recommended
  • Spraying of combination of KH2 PO4 (1 %) + KNO3 (1 %) during October has initiated the flower bud differentiation in November and increased the yield upto 39 % in mango cv Banganpalli.
  • Rangapur lime identified as disease resistant rootstock for commercial multiplication of sweet orange
  • Location specific technologies for increasing the production and productivity of various vegetables and flower crops were developed
  • Organic farming of tomato has been standardized
  • Integrated nutrient management has been developed for increasing the productivity of broccoli
  • Technologies for increasing the vaselife of cut flowers were standardized
  • Modified atmospheric packaging for gladiolus spikes with polypropylene material was standardized for enhancing the vase life
  • Agro techniques were standardized for medicinal plants such as coleus, aswagndha and gloriosa.
  • Fertigation schedules were standardized for turmeric