The Horticultural Research Station, Adilabad was started during the year 2001 in the livestock production technology center (LPTC) farm of SC Corporation, Adilabad, in an area of 47 acres with an object to improve/develop the technologies of the horticultural crops in the district. During the year 2001, the research station was shifted to Dasnapur, Mavala, Adilabad.

Mandate crops Jamun, Minor fruits, Beans and Aromatic plants (lemon grass, citronella and palma rosa).


  • Collection, evaluation and maintenance of germplasm of jamun, minor fruits, beans and aromatic plants (Lemon grass, citronella and palmarosa).
  • To develop location specific appropriate production technologies in the mandate crops.
  • Standardization of fertigation technology in jamun and other minor fruits.
  • Development of organic package of practices in Jamun and other minor fruits.
  • Standardization of oil recovery procedures for aromatic plants (Lemon grass, citronella and palmarosa)



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Dr. V. Murali

Asst. Prof. (Agron.)


Horticultural Research Station, Adilabad

Adilabad – 505 002
Adilabad Dist
Telangana, India.

Phone: 9492767348

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